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Q:  Is it necessary to keep BBGW refrigerated?

A:  Bottom line:  It can be left out a pretty long time.  On 2/25/20 we received high temperature (95° F.) shelf-life testing results for the unopened, un-refrigerated product from Kappa Labs in Miami.  The report reads "Based on the Microbiological results of the sample..., the product represented by the sample analyzed would appear to be wholesome and fit for human consumption for approximately one (1) year."    This makes shipping and storage without  refrigeration possible.  In the future the new label will state "Refrigerate after opening" to reflect this but for general purposes we still think that refrigerating the whip is ideal. 


​​​Q:  How long will BBGW last in the refrigerator after it's opened?

A:  Product testers have left it opened and refrigerated for up to 9 months and it looks, tastes and smells just as it did when first opened.  The shelf life testing suggests that it may last longer than that.


Q:  Can I have BBGW shipped?

A:  YES, now that we have shelf life results!  We are making arrangements to ship the whip on a small scale.  If you would like to arrange shipping, please email us or call using our contact page.

Q:  Why can’t I freeze it? 

A:  The product will separate when defrosted after being frozen.  Several garlic fans said that they mixed the oil back in and used it in a variety of dishes, and although the taste was good, it didn’t return to the original consistency.


Q:  Does BBGW melt like a cheese?

A:  No. It will readily mix in with a variety of other ingredients, and while it can be used to top dishes that will be baked or broiled like fish, meats and pizza, it doesn’t really melt.   


Q:  Are there any other flavors of BBGW?

A:  Just the one for now, but we are actively working on a Garlic Chipotle flavored whip;  two additional ones are also being considered. 

Q:  What's on the label?

A:  Take a look!

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Garlic Whip Q &As

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