Garlic is awesome, but have you tried it Whipped?

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Less Than 1g Net Carbs Per Serving.


And gluten-free too!!

Smooth & Creamy

Creamy, dreamy, and smooth like butter... except better.


How to Brala's?

On its own or in a dish! 


Move over mustard, garlic whip is the new rub and marinade.

Win the party over at first bite.


Sandwiches and bagels rejoice


What is garlic whip?

With the consistency and smooth taste of cream cheese, rich buttery garlic flavor, and gentle lemon tang, your taste buds will beg for more.


Each container is made from 36 hand-peeled cloves of fresh garlic, blended with our unique spices, crisp lemon juice, and non-GMO oil to make the most velvety, smooth, creamy whipped magic to ever hit those taste buds.


We call it a whip because it's in a category of its own!

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