**This is a shelf-stable product with a 10 month shelf-life (not that it will make it very long after you give it a try ;)**


Brala's Best Garlic Whip is a gluten-free, dairy-free, and keto-friendly sauce/dip/spread that can be used in pretty much any way you can imagine it! It's incredible on a spoon (no, really!), on a bagel, in salads, as a pasta sauce, slathered on meat or fish and basically anything savory. Give it a try and be sure to share how you used it!


More Ideas & Uses:

Spread it on any sandwich for extra zing

Dip french fries & nuggets

Use as a substitute for fresh garlic in any dish

Use as a flavor enhancer in soups, stews & salads

Spread it on tortillas for a great garlic addition to your tacos

Coat meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables before grilling, air frying, or roasting

Add it to pizza before or after cooking

Dip for cooked meats & veggies

Toss with cooked pasta as a stand-alone sauce or add it to other pasta sauces

Use as a wet rub on meats before applying dry rub for smoking

Use a pastry bag or squeeze bottle to apply to savory appetizers


11oz of Brala's Best Garlic Whip. Shelf-stable, but we like the consistency best chilled, so please refrigerate after opening, but Do Not Freeze!


CHIPOTLE INGREDIENTS:  Non-GMO Canola Oil, Fresh Garlic, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pasteurized Egg, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, Distilled Vinegar, Less than 2% of the following: Chipotle Powder, Paprika, Salt, Organic Potato Starch and Organic Spices. Contains: Egg


CHIPOTLE Nutrition Facts:  Servings: 22, Serv. size: 1Tbsp.  (14g), Amount per serving: Calories 80, Total Fat 8g (10% DV), Sat. Fat 0.5g (3% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 85mg (4% DV), Total Carb. <1g (0% DV), Fiber 0g (0%DV), Total Sugars 0g (Incl. 0g Added Sugars, 0%DV), Protein 0g, Vit. D (0% DV), Calcium (0% D), .1mg Iron (1% DV), Potas. (0% DV),  Vit. E (9% DV), Vit. K (4% DV).

Chipotle Whip

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