Garlic Whip

A fresh garlic sauce, dip & spread you can't live without.

Brala’s Best Garlic Whip (BBGW) now makes adding fresh garlic to your dishes (or mouth) fast and easy. If you’re in a rush, you won’t need to peel, chop or use a garlic press - all you need is a spoon. We are sure that once you give it a try - you won't want your kitchen to go without it.


Many of our friends & family participated in testing and refining the Garlic Whip and contributed ideas that we happily present below.  Granted, most of these folks like garlic at least a little, but a few former garlic avoiders discovered a new appreciation for the old allium sativum.  If you have any suggestions we’d be happy to hear from you!

Use it alone
Some of our customers say it goes with everything...and, if we may be so bold, it does! So, these uses for BBGW may not be for the timid (or for those few souls who can’t tolerate garlic), but they make garlic lovers swoon. They were discovered by tasters experimenting with the first batches and then found to be some of the most widely enjoyed uses.


  • On bagels as a tasty, non-dairy substitute for cream cheese

  • As a great dip for plain or flavored crackers

  • It’s a savory dip for meat, cheeses and vegetable fondue

  • Add BBGW to a cheese plate for dipping

  • Eat it straight, on a spoon (no kidding; several fans and my daughter suggested this)

  • You can add other spices and herbs, but straight is really good too


Use it in a dish

Our premium Garlic Whip has a consistency and flavor that make it a versatile accompaniment to both raw and cooked foods. In addition to being enjoyed on its own, it adds a savory compliment to a wide range of dishes and cuisines. You can also use it instead of adding garlic powder and garlic salt to your food for a fresher taste.  



MEAT & Poultry




Breads & pastas

Sauces & dressings

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